Things I’ve made and some I’m working on.

Explore a myriad of projects I've brought to life over the years. While I've embarked on numerous endeavors, these are the ones I hold dear. Many are open-source, inviting you to delve into the code and contribute your insights, helping shape these creations into something even more remarkable.

  • Logo Co'Care


    A website for Coraline Senidre (❤️), the best pet sitter in France.

  • Logo Gosumer


    Improve your application's performance by consuming your Symfony Messenger messages with Go.

  • Logo Mini Basket

    Mini Basket

    Play a mini-basketball game directly in your browser.

  • Logo Zombie Runner

    Zombie Runner

    Play a mathematical game directly in your browser. Project done for the "Halloween" challenge by Bruno Simon.

  • Logo Cosmic Bang

    Cosmic Bang

    Discover the death of a star, a supernova. Project done for the "Solar System" challenge by Bruno Simon.

  • Logo StrollDog


    StrollDog is a website that allows you to find the best places to walk your dog in your area.

  • Logo Turbo SPA

    Turbo SPA

    Integrate Hotwired Turbo inside WordPress. No refresh, no bullshit.

  • Logo Marble Race

    Marble Race

    3D marble race project. Try to beat my score! (I’m not responsible for any broken keyboards or monitors).