Picture of me (Romain Herault), with my dog (Souëi)

I’m Romain. Crafting Web Experiences from the Heart of France.

Passionate about web development with a specialization in backend technologies, I consider myself a versatile developer.

My expertise lies in the PHP language, along with the Symfony and Laravel frameworks. With six years of experience in backend development, I also have a profound mastery of the WordPress CMS, utilized to create robust and user-friendly web solutions.

While my primary focus is on backend development, my enthusiasm for 3D in the web has led me to explore new frontiers. Recently certified by Bruno Simon’s Three.js Journey, I continually strive to deepen my knowledge. I engage in 3D experiments in the browser, primarily using React with WebGL.

I am equally drawn to the diverse world of frontend development, working with technologies such as React (including Next.js), Vue.js, and Nuxt.

Beyond my professional commitments, I am a passionate content creator, sharing my discoveries with the world. Explore my achievements and follow my journey on my portfolio! ✌

Feel free to contact me for any request!

Certified Symfony 6 Developer