Making Hyprland shortcuts work with a french layout

If you're reading this, it's because you've tried to install Hyprland on your computer but are having trouble configuring the shortcuts due to your French keyboard layout.

On a French keyboard, the shortcuts for changing workspaces (SUPER + 1, SUPER + 2, etc.) and sending an application to a workspace (SUPER + SHIFT + 1, SUPER + SHIFT + 2, etc.) don't work properly and instead type "&", "é", and so on.

To fix this problem and fully take advantage of Hyprland's shortcuts, there are two solutions.

Using the Keypad Code

The first solution involves using the keypad code. To do this, you'll need to have wev installed, which is a debugging tool for Wayland. It can help you obtain the code for the keyboard key.

To get started, launch the wev tool and press the key on your keyboard that you want to use for the shortcut. You'll then receive a code in return.

For example, in my case, the configuration would look like this:

# Workspaces
bind = SUPER, code:10, workspace, 1
bind = SUPER, code:11, workspace, 2
bind = SUPER, code:12, workspace, 3
bind = SUPER, code:13, workspace, 4
bind = SUPER, code:14, workspace, 5
bind = SUPER, code:15, workspace, 6
bind = SUPER, code:16, workspace, 7
bind = SUPER, code:17, workspace, 8
bind = SUPER, code:18, workspace, 9
bind = SUPER, code:19, workspace, 10

# Send to Workspaces
bind = SUPER_SHIFT, code:10, movetoworkspace, 1
bind = SUPER_SHIFT, code:11, movetoworkspace, 2
bind = SUPER_SHIFT, code:12, movetoworkspace, 3
bind = SUPER_SHIFT, code:13, movetoworkspace, 4
bind = SUPER_SHIFT, code:14, movetoworkspace, 5
bind = SUPER_SHIFT, code:15, movetoworkspace, 6
bind = SUPER_SHIFT, code:16, movetoworkspace, 7
bind = SUPER_SHIFT, code:17, movetoworkspace, 8
bind = SUPER_SHIFT, code:18, movetoworkspace, 9
bind = SUPER_SHIFT, code:19, movetoworkspace, 10

Using the Generic Name

If the first solution didn't work for you (like it didn't for me), there is a second solution that involves using the generic name of the keyboard keys, as described here.

To implement this solution, update your configuration file accordingly. In my case, my configuration now looks like this:

# Workspaces
bind = SUPER, ampersand, workspace, 1
bind = SUPER, eacute, workspace, 2
bind = SUPER, quotedbl, workspace, 3
bind = SUPER, apostrophe, workspace, 4
bind = SUPER, parenleft, workspace, 5
bind = SUPER, egrave, workspace, 6
bind = SUPER, minus, workspace, 7
bind = SUPER, underscore, workspace, 8
bind = SUPER, ccedilla, workspace, 9
bind = SUPER, agrave, workspace, 10

# Send to Workspaces
bind = SUPER_SHIFT, ampersand, movetoworkspace, 1
bind = SUPER_SHIFT, eacute, movetoworkspace, 2
bind = SUPER_SHIFT, quotedbl, movetoworkspace, 3
bind = SUPER_SHIFT, apostrophe, movetoworkspace, 4
bind = SUPER_SHIFT, parenleft, movetoworkspace, 5
bind = SUPER_SHIFT, egrave, movetoworkspace, 6
bind = SUPER_SHIFT, minus, movetoworkspace, 7
bind = SUPER_SHIFT, underscore, movetoworkspace, 8
bind = SUPER_SHIFT, ccedilla, movetoworkspace, 9
bind = SUPER_SHIFT, agrave, movetoworkspace, 10

With these solutions, you no longer have to struggle with non-functional shortcuts and can enjoy a smoother and more efficient experience with Hyprland.

Enjoy using this awesome Wayland compositor! 🎉